My undergraduate studies was in Physics & Mathematics in England under the overseas Public Service Commission scholarship. I was awarded the JS Smith Prize as the top student in the cohort. This was followed by the Postgraduate diploma in Education at National Institute of Education. Finally, I obtained my Masters in Business Administration at University of California.


My teaching career has brought me to various schools and institutes including Hwa Chong Institute, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Temasek Junior College and Dunman Secondary. I also returned to the National Institute of Education as a lecturer, training teachers in the area of Physics and Mathematics. During this journey, I was awarded three Outstanding Contribution Awards by MOE.


Tutoring outside of schools has been a revitalising experience for me. My exposure to students from even more schools including Raffles Institute, Raffles Junior College, Raffles Girls School, River Valley, Dunman High, Victoria Secondary, Victory Junior College, Nanyang Girls School, Cresent Girls School, etc, has strengthen my teaching pedagogies and methods.

Teaching Content

I will be teaching the various Physics topics of Cambridge A Levels and O Levels syllabuses. They are listed in the below boxes.
For Mathematics, I have with me Dr Loga who is one of the most amazing Mathematics teacher/lecturer I have come across in my teaching career.
As class sizes are usually limited to small groups, we are able to cater to individual needs of students as well. Try our classes to see it for yourselves.

Physics Tuition (JC)

Measurements | Kinematics | Dynamics | Forces | Work, Energy, Power | Motion in a Circle | Gravitation | Oscillations | Thermal Physics | Wave Motion | Superposition | Electric Field | Current of Electricity | D.C. Circuits | EM | EMI | Alternating Currents | Quantum Physics | Lasers and Semiconductors | Nuclear Physics | Data Analysis | Planning

Physics Tuition (IP / Secondary)

Physical Quantities | Kinematics | Dynamics | Mass, Weight, Density | Moments | Pressure | Work, Energy, Power | Kinetic Model of Matter | Thermal Transfer | Temperature | Thermal Properties | General Wave Properties | Optics | EM Spectrum | Sound | Electrostatics | Current of Electricity | D.C. Circuits | Practical Electricity | Magnetism | EM | EMI

Physics Olympiad

Mechanics and Rigid Bodies | Fluid Dynamics | Gravitation | Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics | Sound Waves | Electromagnetic Waves and Geometric Optics | Electric Field and Capacitors | Current Electricity and DC Circuit | Electromagnetism | Electromagnetic Induction | Relativity | Quantum Physics | Nuclear Physics

Maths Tuition (JC)

Functions | Graphing techniques | Equations and inequalities | Summation of series | A.P. and G.P. | Vectors | Scalar and vector products | 3-d geometry | Complex numbers | Differentiation and integration | Maclaurin’s series | Differential equations | Permutations and combinations | Probability | Distributions | Sampling and hypothesis testing | Correlation and regression

A Maths Tuition (IP / Sec)

Quadratic equations and inequalities | Indices and surds | Polynomials | Simultaneous equations | Partial fractions | Binomial expansions | Exponential, logarithmic and modulus functions | Trigonometric functions, identities and equations | Coordinate geometry in two dimensions | Proofs in plane geometry | Differentiation and integration

E Maths Tuition (IP / Sec)

Numbers | Ratio, rate, proportion | Percentage | Speed | Algebra | Functions and graphs | Equations and inequalities | Maths in practical situations | Set language and notation | Matrices | Angles, triangles and polygons | Congruence and similarity | Circles | Trigonometry | Mensuration | Geometry | Vectors | Data handling & analysis | Probability


  • Thank you so much for everything, esp for teaching me Physics! (btw physics is my only science next year!). I think I have said enough for the entire year! Thanks for being ever so patient and helping me with my doubts even when you were busy. Thanks for not giving up on us and don’t forget us! Rock on! – Cheryl, 2013

    Thank you for everything. You are really a great teacher in that you always go beyond your duties just to help us with our Physics. Heard that someone who was not in your class but still went for your consultation. If I were you, I will certainly be complaining about it but you are just so generous! You are a wonderful teacher and is always patient to explain complex physics concepts to us. I’ll still remember all the things that you’ve taught us. Thank you! – Woon, 2011

    You have been a very caring teacher who genuinely cares for us, be it in studies or our development as a whole. I really appreciate what you have done for us. I remember how I became paranoid and especially grumpy during the first few classes, nonetheless, you remained patient with me and helped me through this difficult period! THANK YOU! – Mei Yan, 2009

    Hello, my dear physics tutor! you have been a great teacher, very funny and have uncontrollable laughter one some more. LOL.. It has been great in physics lessons. Really appreciate your good temper and patience. : ) – Kelly, 2008

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